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TV Appearances on the award-winning Fresh Outlook

International Business: Chinese Economy & Oil, EU Ban on Google, Off-Shore Banking

Security & Terrorism: Russian Airplane Crash in Egypt, Paris Attacks & Metrojet Crash

Radio/Podcasts - Chinese economy

Pre-China market crash (minute 19:00): "Your Money Talks" SoCal radio

Post-Chinese market crash analysis: WGAN New England

China's currency devaluation, it's impacts and grand strategy: WGAN New England


International Business

"Saudi Arabia: At the Brink of Falling into Economic Quick Sand" in Oil and Gas Monitor Magazine.

"Blood & Oil - The New Emerging Petro-Landscape" in Oil and Gas Monitor Magazine.

Global energy investment opportunities at Seeking Alpha. Published articles include:

  • Forthcoming Gold Price Surge - A Global Perspective
  • China's Grand Economic Strategy
  • Cracks in the EU Consensus on Russian Sanctions
  • Risk & Reward in Russia on Energy Resurgence
  • Buying Opportunities During the Russian Recession
  • High Risk Energy Opportunities on the Eastern Front
  • Venezuelan Vulnerabilities - US & Cuba Unlikely Bedfellows

"How to Make It as a Broker in the Latin American Market" at Finance Magnates.

"Is Fintech a Democrat or Republican?" at Finance Magnates.


"Paris Terror Spotlights Security at Public Events" in Safety Outlook magazine.

"Cyber-Terrorism and Its Impacts on Global Markets" in Finance Magnates.

"Pentagon Deploys a Dozen F-22s to Japan Rising Amid Tensions with North Korea", National Security News

"ISIS Cyber Attacks on the Rise, Will They Cause More Damage?" in Tony Schiena Security.

"The Cost of Cyber-Security on the War on Terrorism"

"Geopolitical Risks for 2016" cyber-catastrophies as quoted in ComputerWorld and CSO Online.

The prescient media quotes for Geopolitical Risks for 2015 specifically Turkey, Venezuela and Nigeria, political and economic maelstroms which continued into 2016.

Scary Pace of Tech Disruption

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Urban Development

Approaching the Apex? Skyscraper trend stokes debate as developers, activists dispute benefits

More urban development and perspectives on gentrification published articles at The Williamsburg News Arts+News magazine


Twitter: @PygmalionNYC

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What the media is afraid to report and the bloggers can't handle

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