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Cerulean Global Capital, a unit of Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC, provides global energy risk investment perspectives & recommendations through event-driven, contrarian articles published through Seeking Alpha, MSN Money & Markets, Reuters and other renown financial news services:

  • Oil Prices Heading Toward a Hard Landing
  • Early Bird Opportunities fir Gold with Prices Not Buried but Planted
  • Libya: Wild Card on Higher Oil Prices
  • Turkey: Riding the Economic Titanic
  • The Clash of the Petro-Titans: Super OPEC vs the US
  • Venezuela: 2019 Year Zero for Oil Investments
  • Turkey and The IMF: Inevitable Partners
  • OPEC's Shifting Leadership Dynamics
  • Geopolitical Risks Could Launch Oil Prices To $130 per Barrel
  • Oil's Goldilocks Prince Range Summer Comes to an End
  • Post-Election Turkey on the Economic Road to Perdition
  • Erdogan Holds the Cure for Turkey's Economic High Fever
  • Revised OPEC Production Quotas Won't Derail Higher Oil Prices
  • Brace Yourself for a Petro-Spring Price Shock
  • Investors Face Moral Dilemmas with Investments in Saudi Arabia
  • Gold to Surge as US-North Korean Summit Cages the Dragon
  • Aramco IPO Change Signals Downward Future Oil Prices
  • OPEC Faces Huge Challenges for 2018
  • Venezuela: Oil Price Spike Imminent with Leadership Change
  • OPEC: Quota Extension Agreement at the Breaking Point
  • Aramco IPO: The Right Company At The Wrong Time
  • The Big Petro-Short - Bracing for the Price Abyss
  • Rosneft Wading into The Venezuelan Tar Pits
  • Saudi Arabia vs Qatar: Mexican Standoff in the Arabian Desert
  • Crisis in Qatar: Triple Play Opportunities In Oil, Gas & Gold
  • Saudi-Russian Petro-Alliance of Convenience Means Stable Oil Prices Through 1Q2018
  • Oil Services Firms Investments Keys to Halting Post-Maduro's Production Decline
  • Opportunities with Regime Change After Venezuelan Meltdown
  • Investors Win Big Going Short in French Elections
  • Gold Shines With Le Pen’s Possible First Round Win
  • Turkish Yes-No Referendum A Lose-Lose for Emerging Market Investors
  • Syrian Crisis: How Geopolitics Can Unjustifiably ‘Goose’ Oil Prices
  • ‘European Spring’ to Catapult Gold Prices
  • Forthcoming Gold Price Surge - A Global Perspective
  • China's Grand Economic Strategy
  • Cracks in the EU Consensus on Russian Sanctions
  • Risk & Reward in Russia on Energy Resurgence
  • Buying Opportunities During the Russian Recession
  • High Risk Energy Opportunities on the Eastern Front
  • Venezuelan Vulnerabilities - US & Cuba Unlikely Bedfellows