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Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC

The Path to Winning Contract Awards

We're a NYC-based global advisory firm and think-tank that provides executives as well as entrepreneurs a toolkit to grow their business and enhance their careers in multiple disciplines including international affairs, political risk & security assessment, negotiation mindset & strategy, teaching cross-cultural communication skills and their hidden meanings. These are achieved through private consultations and workshops.

With over 15 years of experience leading negotiation teams on international urban development & planning, architecture & engineering, energy and security we've successfully negotiated over 300 contracts with a total value one billion (US) dollars with world-renown firms.

A brief listing of our professional services are as follows:

  • Negotiation strategy and tactics in a multicultural environment, with private and semi-private training
  • Executive coaching
  • Personal security reference to well-established and highly experienced partner who specializes in Executive  Personal Protection for executives and their families traveling or relocating overseas.
  • Speaking engagements
  • Speech writing

Additionally we provide global risk overviews through our Cerulean Global Capital unit that enables your team to better understand how rapidly shifting events may impact your counter-part's approach and appetite for risk during negotiations.

Finally we've recently added the Cloud|Break Global Solutions unit that provides technical & face-to face  communications assessments, firstly the latest information technology systems and developments and secondly how best to prepare for the required cross-cultural humanoid interface that ultimately closes the deal.