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About Us

Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC is a NYC-based think-tank and advisory service that provides prescient beyond-the-horizon contrarian perspectives and risk assessments on cyber-security & information technology from the geopolitical to local levels. We provide contrarian perspectives with counter-intuitive solutions.


We explore the emerging and event-driven global, national and regional economic and political trends from open sources from the perspectives of a multitude of fields namely economic, political, academic, legal and security.



We provide a troika of services that encompass the bullet-train transformative speed of changes on geopolitics & technology on the world citizenry.

Information Technology
Cloud | Break Global Solutions

Cloud | Break Global Solutions is our Information Technology unit provides contrarian perspectives in the rapidly evolving and fluid landscape focusing on the cross-border compliance, regulatory and legal issues of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a myriad of industries.


Our access to the policy & decision-makers, technical experts and influencers in the aforementioned fields allow us to effectively “frame & capture” the issues and provide context and a wide & deep comprehensive understanding of the present-day trends.

Global Affairs
Cerulean Council

We are in alliance with the Cerulean Council, a think-tank unit that provides context to emerging trends on global urban security encompassing water & food, urban planning and information technology. More specifics on the aforementioned sectors can be accessed through

Investment Strategies

Our contributing investment articles on energy and agricultural commodities provide unique insights into global trade. These articles can be accessed through Seeking Alpha.

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